Sunday, November 18, 2012

Welcome to GlutenFreeMuscle!!!!!

Here is the home for the gluten allergic, intolerant, or those who just want to eliminate it, to add muscle, strip fat, and eat healthy using nutrition that is gluten free.

My journey of being gluten free is a new one.  I was recently diagnosed with Celiac disease after 2 terrible years of discomfort, lack of energy and poor results in the gym.

Symptoms of the disease started to appear around the same time I damaged my L4/L5 while doing barbell rows at the gym. I was misdiagnosed several times till on a friends suggestion I get tested for Celiac.

Now armed with the answers on how to work with this disease I can return to my goal of stepping onto the bodybuilding stage.

Each week I will bring you a new recipe, my vitamin and supplement regimen, info on Celiac disease, and my progress.

Feel free to add your own insights and ideas, and thank you for tuning in.

Mike Rodrigues 

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