Monday, November 26, 2012

Post Workout Nutrition

Ah the anabolic window, that mysterious time where your muscles supposedly soak up more nutrients than ever before.  I’m not here to debate that but I am here to show you that getting simple cards and protein right after the gym does not have to be a scoop of protein powder and a potato.

Sweet N Sour Pork over Rice


12 oz. Pork loin chops
½ cup Heinz Chili Sauce
½ cup Welch’s Grape jelly
1.5 large peppers (I like using half of each of red, yellow and orange)
3 cups White rice

What to do

Slice your pork into thin slices, salt and pepper them fry til done in a little olive oil, put aside.
For the sauce combine the chili sauce and grape jelly in a sauce pan, bring to a boil, then reduce to medium, add the pork and sliced up peppers, and let simmer for about 15 minutes so the sweet n sour goodness seeps into the pork.

What you get

Now this is for the whole recipe listed, I divide this into 4 servings, but depending on how big you are divide accordingly.

If you wanna grow you have to eat, this is definitely for a bulk and not a cutting diet.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Celiac disease and Vitamins

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease where the surface of the small intestine that absorbs nutrients from food is damaged by a substance called gluten.
This wreaks havoc on vitamin levels in your body, so am aggressive vitamin plan is necessary if you want to keep your gains or losses moving forward.
Here is what I’m currently taking.  After about 3 months I plan on getting the levels of these tested to see where I stand and what adjustments I should make.

L-Glutamine ---helps protect and repair intestinal lining and beneficial for the stresses involved in weight training.
Digestive enzymes---to aid digestion.
Probiotics---to aid digestion.
Calcium/magnesium/zinc---healthy bones, immune system function.
Vitamin B-12/B complex---production of red blood cells, aids nervous system.
Vitamin C---immune system health.
Vitamin D---helps with calcium absorption, immune system health.
Creatine---improves performance, aids in muscle recovery.

I didn't get too crazy with the explanations for each of these but the idea here is to get normal levels of these to assist in my training goals as well as normal function of my immune system.  For starters I’m taking the recommended doses of each except for Vitamin C which I do take 2000mg per day.  I’ve done this for quite a long time and even through these health issues have only had 1 flu in the past 5 years or so.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Breakfast? You wanna talk about breakfast?

Well OK then.

Since I have the attention span of a rabid squirrel on a coke bender, I need to change things up as often as possible (not a single crack about the number of women I've dated and I'm not married yet).

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and here is a cool way to make your own McD's Griddle sandwiches.


1/2 cup Red Mill Gluten free pancake mix
1 scoop Whey protein Isolate powder
3 Omega 3 eggs
2 pc of  Maple Lodge Farms Breakfast Chicken
1/3 cup water

What to do

Mix the pancake mix, 1 egg, protein powder, and water together until smooth (add or subtract water till you get the required consistency). Pour into pan on medium heat. Use those handy silicone rings for this so they keep a consistent size and shape.  When you get some bubbles up top flip those badboys, when done remove and set aside.

Use the rings and cook up the other 2 eggs, you can either do the McD's style or scramble them, when they are done remove and brown the breakfast chicken strips.  Assemble and eat!!!

What you get

1 serving which make 2 sammiches


You can add some honey, agave syrup or even ketchup, it's up to you just add those macros in for new totals.

Now stop bitching there's nothing to eat cause you're Gluten Free. ;)